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Driven by Human Experts Powered by Machine

Unlike other investment apps that are solely automated, we strive to provide personalized service. We believe the investment is not only about money but also about crucial life decisions. No machine would guide you better than another human who truly understands your needs. Our experts, like you, are exceptional. Let us lead you in the right direction.

Anytime & Anywhere

Now invest and monitor 24*7 in the mutual fund schemes of your choice without any hassles. Investment at Any time, from Anywhere.

Online Transactions

Now, transact online with ease using our website or mobile app. Digital payment, safe payment.

100% Secured & Trustable

Your transactions are completely safe and secure. You do not need to be concerned when using our website or mobile app to make any payment. We provide the experience that you need and the results you desire/want.

Research & Reports

Get your portfolio updated and upgraded. Keep track of your daily gains and losses. You can also create a Capital Gain report for IT Return purposes. We provide a well-crafted document that outlines the processes, data, and results from a systematic study.

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It takes less than a minute to open an account with us. Your KYC verification is finished in the comfort of your own home.

Select your scheme

Invest in a variety of high-performing Mutual Fund Schemes based on your investment goals and risk appetite.

Pay Now

After you've chosen a scheme, it's time to make the payment. You can pay online using any mode of payment, i.e., UPI, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, etc.


Customer Support through WhatsApp

We have a client-centric approach that is uniquely personalized to serve your needs. Get all of your investment statements, track your profits and losses, and get all the relevant reports in your WhatsApp. You may also write to us directly with your queries and concerns.

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Be a knowledgeable investor, learn about mutual funds before starting your investment journey.

In case you need any help with investments you can always write to us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I invest in mutual funds?
You can invest via our website or mobile app. Sign up now.
When should I start investing?
There is no right time to invest. If you have a surplus, START NOW!
How do Mutual Fund help manage risk?
Mutual Fund helps manage risk by diversifying your investments across asset classes.
How will I evaluate my risk?
You can assess your risk appetite by filling out the risk assessment form available both in our website as well as mobile app.
Do I need to pay any charges for using this platform?
There is no user charge taken from the investors for using our application.

Experienced by 1,000+ People.

Yes, we are new, so were they.
We have built this platform to serve you and we hope to grow alongside you.

Minimalist Design

User-friendly interface. Specially designed by keeping YOU in mind.

Goal-centered Approach

Plan your goals with various tools available and regularly track your progress.

Your Investment Buddy

Relationship beyond money. Your trusted partner for long-term wealth creation.


Always there to help me meet my financial goals. Provides the guidance and advice needed in choosing the right investment for me.

Shiwangi Agarwal

Just amazing.

Lima Beck

good Learning more ...

Tsewang Dolkar Bhutia

I liked my investment experience through Prudent Wealth. The guidance, service and the help provided by Mr. Suraj is impeccable. Has been a good learning experience.

Aman Choudhary

Excellent Service.

Bappaditya Roychowdhury

Informative posts.

D.K. Mukhopadhyay

I can see you’re having a positive impact in your new office; people seem happy.


Prudent Wealth is also one of the best investment agencies which provides wide range of services to the significant clients of North Bengal and Sikkim. Hope you win more awards for advisory and execution capabilities in future ahead. All the best!!

Deepak Sharma

Prudent Wealth gives an honest feedback about funds and they are very sincere about customers support.

Suman Basu

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